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Hardwood Plywood - Streply Hardwood Faced Ply B/BB EN636/2 EN314/2 FSC

A good quality structural panel suitable for the majority of interior and exterior applications.

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Marine Plywood - BS1088 EN314-2 Class 3 EN636/2<BR><BR>

A high quality hardwood faced exterior ply normally only required where long term exposure to water or moisture occurs.

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Shuttering Plywood -  Elliottis Pine Ply CE2+ C+/C EN636/2 FSC Structural

This plywood's many uses include roofing, ground protection, temporary fencing, hoarding and shuttering when pouring concrete.

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Shuttering Plywood - Tulsaform MDO Plywood FSC<BR><BR>

A good quality shuttering ply used in concrete forming. Recommended for finished surfaces.

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Structural Plywood - Finn/Spruce Ply BS5268/2 EN636/2 PEFC Structural

A general purpose construction panel ideal for both interior and exterior structural work, roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, packaging, furniture and general shuttering and formwork.

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