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Ground Reinforcement Mats

Ground mats have become a popular and eco-friendly alternative to concrete products. Made from recycled plastics they are simple to install and provide a cheap and environmentally beneficial solution for various building products with domestic and commercial applications.
Firmground Ground Mat with gravel supporting  car

Possible Applications
  • Base for Garden Buildings such as sheds.
  • Permeable paving allowing for water to naturally drain into the ground (SUDS Compliant)
  • Reinforcing the ground (often used on motorway embankments)
  • Grass or Gravel Car Parks and Driveways
  • Preventing gravel moving and grass being churned up.
FirmGround 39 (1m²)
£14.99 Inc. VAT
The lightest mat in the range, The Firmground 39 is ideal for pedestrianised areas and occasional light vehicular traffic.
Firmground 45 (1m²)
£19.99 Inc. VAT
Ideal for reinforcing carparks, driveways, hardstandings, verges, pedestrianised areas and access roads.
FirmGround 70 (1m²)
£24.99 Inc. VAT
FirmGround 70 is ideal for areas where there is vehicular traffic, including HGV use.

FirmGround Heavy Duty (1m²)
£42.99 Inc. VAT
FirmGround Heavy is ideal for areas where there is standing or flowing heavy vehicular traffic.
Demarcation Blocks (White) (50 per pack)
£44.99 Inc. VAT
White plastic blocks that can be inserted into Firmground grids to create markings such at parking zones.
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