Choosing The Right Plywood For The Job.

3 sheets of plywood stacked on top of each other
Plywood has many variations to suit a variety of different applications.
At Abbeygate we stock 4 different grades of ply & OSB which cover all general construction applications as follows:

Elliottis Pine Shuttering Ply CE2+ EN636-2
Structural & non-structural construction work, site hoardings, boarding up, packaging and basic shuttering & formwork.

Finn/Spruce Structural Ply EN636-2 BS5268/2
Spruce panels are strong, flat, lightweight and easy to work with making them ideal for both interior and exterior structural work, roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, packaging, furniture and general shuttering & formwork.

Streply Hardwood Ply B/BB EN636-2 EN314-2
A good quality panel suitable for the majority of interior and exterior applications including roofing, flooring (especially tiling), wall panels, cabinets, doors and interior & exterior joinery. Structurally rated 9mm thick and above.

A cost-effective alternative to plywood for structural use in humid conditions. Can be used in many applications including roofing, flooring, hoarding, wall sheathing and boarding up.

If you have any questions regarding plywood applications please do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales staff on 020-8567-8903 or .