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Tarmac General Purpose Cement 25kg

A grey general purpose Portland cement suitable for most construction applications.

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Tarmac Extra Rapid Cement 25kg

A Portland cement containing calcium aluminate to give rapid hardening and setting properties.

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Tarmac High Strength Concrete Mix C40 20kg

A premixed strong and hardwearing concrete that typically reaches a compressive strength of 40N/mm2 within approximately 28 days.

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Tarmac Hydralime 25kg

A high calcium, non-hydraulic, hydrated lime used to improve the plasticity, cohesiveness and water retention of Portland cement mortars and renders.

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Tarmac Postcrete 20kg

A ready-to-use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts.

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Tarmac Snowcrete White Cement 25kg

A white cement used to provide attractive and durable visual concrete, renders and mortars.

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Tarmac Sulfacrete Cement 25kg

A Portland-fly ash cement with a high sulfate resistance and a moderate heat of hydration.

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